Red Pill vs. Blue Pill

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What would I choose? That’s the question going through everybody’s heads as they watch that iconic scene. Of course Neo chooses the red pill, we’d have no film without it, but when it comes down to it, what would we really choose? On the one hand, you can go back to your mundane life, with the little inconveniences counteracted by the pleasantries and people that make it worth getting out of bed everyday, but on the other hand you have the truth – whatever it is. For the conspiracy theorists among us, it would be like a dream come true – finding out the ultimate truth about the lives we’re living, but for others – is that what we really want? To be plucked from our regular lives into the unknown, taking the biggest risk that we would ever take? And the arises the question – does the truth matter? If everyone believes in something false, does it really matter what the truth is? Whilst I believe it depends on the situation at hand, in this one, I think I would take the blue pill. As much as I’d like to believe that I would be reckless and adventurous enough to find out the truth about the universe and life, I’m fine just questioning every once in a while and falling into a hole of conspiracy theory videos on YouTube. I’d rather live my comfortable little life the way I want to, and experience what our world has to offer – fake or not. I know myself, and would probably end up having an endless panic attack if I found out the truth about life, and would probably either kill myself or get someone to kill me just to end it, ans that’s why I would choose the blue pill.

One thought on “Red Pill vs. Blue Pill

  1. An honest post, Olivia. I expect that you would agree with the poet T S Eliot who said, ‘Humankind cannot bear very much reality’. It is an interesting point you make about whether ‘If everyone believes in something false, does it really matter what the truth is?’ This seems to acknowledge the need for knowers when it comes to knowledge. But a counterpoint may be that if everyone just accepted something which was false, how could we increase our knowledge? This seems to be the case when it comes to shared knowledge such as in the Natural Sciences. But I wonder whether even in personal knowledge, we can feel that our lives are properly worth living if we know that we are living a lie?


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