Rationality vs. Emotion

Rationality and emotion are the two major factors that take part in our decisions and choices, but are they mutually exclusive? It is similar to the ‘head vs. heart’ debate, but can we make a choice using just one of these things?

A rational decision is often seen as the correct one; it may be the most appropriate in the situation, cause the least harm or be the honest thing etc. However, if we all made decisions using only rationality, there is not much to distinguish us from robots, really, whereas emotion is much more impulsive and harder to predict. Many argue that emotion is what makes us human, but when decisions are based mainly on emotion, they can have undesirable, unpredictable or harmful consequences. For example: someone is being rude and taunting you, but they are in a position of authority so doing anything back to them would definitely have neg

One thought on “Rationality vs. Emotion

  1. A thoughtful post, Olivia. When you ask, ‘can we make a choice using just one of these things?’ you seem to be implying that we can use both of them together. Is this what you believe? How exactly would this work? When it comes down to it, though, what do you think we should choose between reason and emotion?


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